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Amazing Grazing came to life when I created a grazing platter for a friends birthday gathering,

as a gift to him. He loved it! And the guests loved it! They said it was Amazing! I was really taken by surprise with their reactions.

The platter really received the WOW factor! 


And so it began. Amazing Grazing was born.

All the Grazes are unique. They seem to create themselves,

and only emerge on the day, right in the moment of assembly,

which means no Graze is ever like another.

Most have the same

quality ingredients however no two will ever be the same.


I am so passionate about creative food styling.

When I'm creating the ‘Graze’, I'm in the flow, the zone.

I absolutely LOVE putting these Grazes together.


You don't have to do a thing.

You can spend more time enjoying yourself  with your guests, not stuck in the kitchen.

Provides an all-round eating experience.

Gives your guests the opportunity to come together, mingle and taste a bit of everything.

No clean up for you to do.

Allows you to RELAX!

"People come together and bond over grazing tables"


If you want to impress and get the WOW factor,

you'll get it with an AMAZING GRAZING.

With such a variety of delicious food on offer

styled in the most amazing display,

we know you will be happy

with your Amazing Graze. 

Look around our site and if you wish to make a booking or have any comments or questions,

please feel free to

contact us.

We cater to everything from intimate lush Grazing platters for two to

Impressive Grazing tables for large gatherings and events. 


Breakfasts, Brunches, Lunches,

Morning & Afternoon Teas,

Dinners, Engagements, Weddings,

Birthdays, Special Occasions,

Corporate and Children's parties.

You name it - we can do it.


Fruit (Dried and Fresh), Dips, Raw Vegies, Fruit, Gourmet Cheese, Shaved Meats, Crackers,

Pretzels, Assorted Sweet treats, Nuts, Olives, Seeds, Assorted Breads and a few surprises.

We can also add Finger Foods 

as well as

Your preferences

And for the Little People we create the BEST EVER children Grazes.

These can include all of the above items,

as well as the following

Salad wraps, Mini burgers, Spag Bol Cups, Snag rolls,

Assorted Sweets, Cheezels, Slices (Sweet and Savoury)

as well as

Your preferences.

We can custom make all grazes for all food intolerance's.


Why not have your Graze styled?

Our Styles:

'The Coastal' - Beach and Surf

'The Soft and Romantic' - Candle light

'The Pretty' - Flower Power

'The Chic' - Boho

Just for the Little Girls

Just for the Little Boys

         as well as

Your preferences    


Grazing Platters

Various sizes and styles 

to suit your requirements:

Price on application

Grazing Tables:

for 10 or mare guests

Price on application

All pricing includes Delivery (within 15Kms), set up and pick up.

Bio Bowls/Plate, Forks and Napkins @$2.00 per guest.

   Wherever possible, we purchase our produce 'on the day' of the Graze.

"The guests are nourished, family and friends are fulfilled,

Everyone is happy, …the ultimate goal!"